Arrival & Check-In

Liability Waiver

Click here for PDF waver (All attendees must sign, please print off to help expedite check-in.)


Enter through Gate 7 (Off of Highway 45). Map attached.  All livestock and attendees MUST enter through this gate.

Upon arrival, animals will be checked in, registration papers checked and entries confirmed. All attendees will sign a liability waiver and obtain wristband to enter event.  Showmanship Signup will also be done at this time.

Arrival Times:

  • Steers & Heifers  – Sunday 3pm – 11 pm.  Monday 5:30 am – 7 am.
  • Sheep: Tuesday 5pm – 11 pm. Wednesday 5:30 am – 7am
  • Barrows: Wednesday 6 pm – 11pm. Thursday 5:30 am – 7 am
  • Gilts: Wednesday 6 pm – 11pm. Thursday 5:30 am – 7 am, Thursday 8-11 pm, Friday 5:30-7 am


**ANY TRAILERS ARRIVING AFTER 11 PM will need to stage in line and will not be allowed to unload until check-in resumes at 5:30 am the next morning. NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • All attendees MUST BE on an attendee list.  The WI Livestock Expo is a private event.  Please refer to the exhibitor letter for more information.


  • Mask for everyone attending. You will need to show that everyone arriving has a mask with them. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Liability Waiver – Help expedite checkin by PRINTING THIS OFF. You will need one LIABILITY WAIVER PER adult, minors from the same family can be listed on the same waiver and will require a parents signature
  • Registration papers (Purebred Cattle, Purebred Swine, Breeding Sheep all require appropriate registration papers).




  • After you are checked in, you will be guided to your trailer spot.
  • If you wish to park next to someone, be sure to come in line with them at the same time so we can park you together.
  • Each trailer will be allowed 25’ feet width next to their trailer for fitting/tack/space.
  • All animals must be stalled at their trailers.  No pens in the barn are available.
  • One trailer per exhibitor per show. If you must bring more than one trailer (EX: a tack trailer and a livestock trailer) – Your first trailer will go in your parking spot, you may pull up to unload your second trailer and then will need to park your second trailer either off site or in the designated area for additional trailers.
  • You are welcome to set up EZ up tents, stands, etc in your space.
  • Once animals are checked in, they may not leave until they have shown in their show.
  • Exhibitors are allowed to be at their trailer space to tend to animals at all hours, however no camping /campers are allowed.

Trailer Packing Tips

  • Bring Generators, No electricity is provided.
  • Wheelbarrow, Pitchforks, Shovels – All manure must go in the manure pit.
  • Carpet, mats – To keep the fairgrounds in tip-top shape, no bedding packs are allowed outside your trailer. You are welcome to use carpet/mats.
  • Trash bags.  You must take all your own trash with you due to COVID restrictions.


  • Be sure to visit our Show Information Page to go over all rules and regulations.
  • Any medication administered to an animal on the grounds must be done by a WLE Vet and accompanied with a Medication/Treatment form which can be obtained from the WLE Vet. 
  • Drug and DNA testing will done on champions. Full details on our website.

Market Lamb Classification

  • Lambs will be classified by the classifier.
  • Any lamb wishing to be in a breed class must come to the classification area to be classified.
  • The classifier will be available from 7-9 pm on Tuesday and 5:30 – 7 am on Wednesday.
  • All leg wraps and tubes/blankets must be removed for classification.

Online Apparel Store Orders

  • If you ordered in apparel in our online store, all orders have been shipped out! If you selected “Pickup at WI Livestock Expo, we’ll have them ready to pickup during checkin or at the show office throughout the week.

Missed out on snagging some WLE Apparel? No worries, we’ll have the online store open again all week so you can order online to help support the WI Livestock Expo!


  • You are able to leave once your animals are shown. There is no specific check-out time.
  • If you are leaving before the entire show is over, please do so with respect to others around you. We will be parking in an organized manner so this shouldn’t be a problem, but we ask that you be courteous to others who still are exhibiting.
  • Please clean up your area and leave it in as good of shape as it was in when you arrived.  The next species will be coming in very soon after, we appreciate your cooperation.

For The Kids!

This event is for the kids, bring a positive attitude, a willingness to adapt and realize that not every aspect of this show will be perfect.  COVID19 has faced us with many challenges and we’re determined to make that happen this week.  Thank you in advance for helping us see this show through til Friday!

DISCLAIMER: Any and all shows and livestock expo events provided, sponsored, or otherwise offered by Wisconsin Livestock Expo, LLC (“WLE”) are subject to cancellation, alteration, and/or suspension at anytime at the sole discretion of WLE. WLE is not liable for any lost costs, damages, and/or other financial loss claims arising from the cancellation of any event, show, or other limitations or restrictions on events offered. Events and shows provided and/or sponsored by WLE are subject to the laws, regulations, limitations, and other local, state, and federal compliance requirements. Limitations may include restrictions, closures, and or registrant and participant limitations relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 limitations may include requirements to adhere to social distancing and other protocols protocols required by WLE. WLE reserves the right to refuse, deny, pull, expel, and/or remove from any event or premises any entrant, visitor or participant for any reason, including, but not limited to, temperature, apparent illness, behavioral concerns, and or risks posed to persons, facilities, or livestock present. WLE EVENTS ARE SUBJECT TO CLOSURE, CANCELLATION, SUSPENSION AND/OR RESCHEDULING DUE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. BY PARTICIPATING, AGREEING TO PARTICIPATE, UNDERTAKING PERPARATION TO PARTICIPATE, AND/OR BY COMMUNICATING YOUR INTENT TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY WLE EVENT OR SHOW YOU ABSOLVE WLE OF ANY LIABILITY ARISING FROM SUCH CLOSURE, CANCELLATION, SUSPENSION AND/OR RESCHEDULING.